Feature Request + Bug: Preview of Gallery image doesn't work

The gallery image is the most important picture which represents the whole article. So I really liked the very fast way in old GS6 to verify quickly whether this important picture is ok for me or not.
If I have to click on the image count icon I have also to close this “window” again by especially clicking on the specific close button instead of just moving the mousepointer a little bit to close the larger image automatically :slight_smile:
If I have to verify a lot of articles every helpful function saves a lot of time…

Thank you for the explanation!
I see, for quick-checking the main image a hover function might be nice to have.

Agreed. Would be helpful to have this enabled in the sidebar once again.

I have another question:

In GS6 if I select more than one article or I choose a whole group in sidebar all selected or articles in group are also implicit selected in the “icon” preview area on the right side.
In GS7 only the first article in the “icon” preview area is selected. I have to again select the articles on the right side to do some batch changes (e.g. by using the inspector).

@GS Team: could you change the behaviour to the old behaviour (automatically select all already selected articles also in the “icon” preview area) ?

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