Feature Request - Customizable Fields

How about adding a few customizable fields to the “Options” tab below the SKU field?

These would be alphanumeric fields you could name and add values for, similar to how adding new fields to Apple Address book works on OSX on the desktop.

One of my challenges as my inventory is really growing, is to be able to find stuff when it sells - Would be nice to take one of the nameable fields and called it “Item Location” - Then for value I could add something like “Shelf7-Row3” or “Box035” or something similar. That way when something sells, I’ll know right where it is. I use SKU field already.

Then, have the ability to run a report with say Item Name + “Item Location” or perhaps the ability to run a report sorted by Item Location so I have a list by shelf, box, of where everything is located. This report in a “Pages” or “Numbers” format and stored in iCloud could be kept on a smart phone or computer to quickly locate or pull up items.

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Yes please do this, or something like it. Even a not-included text field we can search would help; it doesn’t have to be an arbitrary number of items or anything, just text.

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