Feature request: drop to auto-schedule listings

I know a lot is going on, and I’m in no hurry for this. I would be happy to write an AppleScript myself to do it, but I’ve spent a little while trying to work out whether there scheduler items are scriptable, and they don’t seem to be?

In any case, here’s the use case: I recently purchased about 500 (unique) items for resale, and I am gradually creating listings for them all. I get about 10-20 done per day.

I know from experience that there are particular times and days when items in this category “sell better” (eBay category changes and outages permitting), so I try to “aim” the listings to start or end during those periods.

Obviously I can use the GarageSale Scheduler to build a pile of listings to launch at a certain time on a given day. But I don’t actually have a pile of listings; I have a trickle of new listings.

What would be more convenient in these circumstances (and also for my frequent cancel-and-relist-at-a-different-time daily curation) would be for me to have a “magic folder/group” in GarageSale, where I could manually place prepared listings at any time, and which would then

  1. dump those listings into a Schedule Event for me
  2. move the launched listings (upon success) into a “launched” location

If I really wanted to get fancy—and this was my plan when I wanted to try to write my own script to do something like this—I would have several specific schedules, and items in the magic folder would be randomly (or evenly) appended to those schedules.

But again this is a very low priority desire of mine. I would love to be able to do it myself, but I can’t find any hooks for scripting Scheduler Events. Are those possible?

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