Feature Request: enable best-offer for auctions (with and without buy-it-now)

Kristian mentioned in another (closed) thread that this might be a future feature.

However I wasn’t able to find any feature request thread tracking this, so creating this topic. If there is a better place for tracking the status of feature requests (planned/rejected/ignored/etc), please point me to it.

Basically ebay now lets you create listings with send best offer with or without having a buy-it-now requirement. This is a really nice thing for those of us using auction format because it has the excitement of the auction combined with the potential impulse ability to buy it now.

Anyway, as long as garagesale doesn’t support this…we are left behind a bit as I see a lot of sellers are using this feature now at least in Germany.

I am imagining since the auction/buy-it-now/best-offer logic is already implemented…this is just a small tweak to update garagesale rules to reflect the updated ebay rules. But of course there could have been major api changes to support this. I don’t know. Hoping it is a small thing, but putting a vote in that this gets implemented ASAP.


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