Feature Request: Find & Replace

During the past four or five years of using GarageSale, we’ve used three different templates. Now we’d like to convert all the listings into one template format. Problem is that one of the templates has white type against a dark gray background, while the others use black type on a white background. I am assuming there is not an option to change the template AND have the type all change color to match as well. Completely understand that.

However, a working Find and Replace feature would be nice. We use a tag at the bottom of each description that needs to be updated periodically, at least yearly:

Five years on eBay!
4,000+ sales!!
100% Positive Feedback!!!

Updating this in each listing individually is not realistic due to the time it would take. But a Find and Replace feature would make it a simple task. I see that there is such a Find option in the Edit Menu of GS, but all the submenu options are grayed out.

As far as I know bringing back the Find&Replace feature is already on the to do list.

As long as you don’t change the text color manually, the default text color given by the design template should be used automatically.

For the future you might want to use the footer field (GarageSale preferences > General) or a text snippet for that!

Regards, Kristian

Thanks. Am starting to realize there are a lot of features of the program that we’ve never discovered yet.

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