I’ve been actually wanting this for years…

I use Endicia because of how well it is integrated with Garage Sale allowing me to print shipping labels very quickly. It’s actually one of my favorite GS integrations… That said, there are two things that would make it even better.

  1. Is there any way, once I print my shipping label, to push the tracking number generated by Endica into the “Tracking ID” field of Garage Sale so I don’t have to manually copy and paste it with each item?

  2. Can you create a Garage Sale config option for a default ‘carrier’ so that when I print a shipping label, I don’t have to go to the drop-down box and select, in my case, USPS for every item?

These things don’t take long, but it would be two less fields for me to have to touch when doing my shipping.

Thanks, Kristian!


Glad to hear the Endicia client is still working for you. We got mixed signal from the Endicia company, one person even claiming that the Mac client as been defunct altogether.

Not without technical changes on Endicia’s site. Right now, the only API they are offering is a one-way street: we tell the macOS system to launch a certain URL which contains all the label parameters, Endicia is the registered handler app for the URL, but there is no back channel to get the tracking ID from them.

If we know that you have invoked Endicia for a certain order, we could just prefill USPS in that field, right? :thinking:

I’d think that would be feasible.

Endicia for Mac client has been running solidly still. I ship from Garage Sale to Endicia on most days and have for years. They continue to support it so far.

Have you thought about incorporating support for Pirate Ship? It offers a couple other benefits over Endicia, but what I like about your (Garage Sale) integration with Endicia is that it copies all the info over with one click. I literally can print out shipping labels in 20 seconds without having to fill in other fields. I don’t know if that would work the same way with other postal service companies. I also have an account with Endicia’s “Shipping Easy” service which pulls in orders from multiple platforms like my Etsy account, Amazon Account, Facebook Account and Ebay, but it’s not as efficient as your integration with Endicia.

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