Feature request GarageBuy PRO? Maybe

Since garagebuy now require subscribtion to bid I have subscribed and happy to use but I notice the search has been change I need search by seller ID now do not show accurately.

May I request additional function?
As i have been requesting for many years now.

  1. User profile support?

I have a shared ipad and I want a seperate ebay account sets and my searches seperately.
Like when I entered John profile has my ebay user IDs and searches
And “Sarrah” has her IDs and searches seperate in her profile.

  1. Also to beable to leave ebay feedbacks function? After sucessful purchases?

  2. if there is way to delete cookies or cache in garagebuy browser after adding token?
    This function I am will to pay more for further developement you can sale as “Garagebuy PRO” version.

Let me know what you think.