Feature request Garagesale Touch: Support for markdown syntax in auction description fields

[Updated to reflect Kristian’s info that this is already available in desktop version of Garagesale]

I have been using markdown (a simplified text formatting approach: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown) for a little while now and its a great way to format documents without needing anything more basic than a text editor.

Markdown is a very easy way to add lists, simple formatting and image links to a piece of text and is ideal for auction descriptions.

I know it is possible to write auctions in markdown and then convert them to HTML to paste into Garagesale Touch, but it would be really nice if Garagesale Touch supported the direct entry of markdown in the auction description fields.

Has this been looked into before, or is it on the product development roadmap at the moment?



Hi Chris,

GarageSale already supports markdown in Editor mode!:

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian - apologies I had missed that!

Does this support also extend to Garagesale Touch as well?

If not I’d like to keep that in as a feature request :smile:



Just to follow up on my last post - are there plans to support markdown in Garagesale HD on iOS in the auction description field?

I find myself using Garagesale Touch more that the desktop version these days as the integration with the ipad camera etc makes things so much easier!

Would love to have Markdown as an option on Garagesale on iOS :sunglasses: