Feature request: globally disable "Best Offer" for auctions

I appreciate GarageSale’s attention to the eBay API. And I’ve come to rely on it.

I spend a lot of time swapping listings between GTC and auction listing formats, and until recently (just now) I’ve just left “Best Offer” toggled to true. Because “everybody knows” that when you create an auction listing with “Best Offer” turned on, it won’t have any effect.

Until now.

I just received a Best Offer on an auction item, which didn’t used to be possible. Apparently eBay have updated the API and allow buyers to send offers to auctions unless Buy It Now is active?

In any case, I understand why this could be interesting to some people, but I really don’t want it. When I create an auction, I’m intentionally making the starting bid ridiculously low to get competing bids, not to sell at that initial price.

Is it possible that we have a Preferences toggle for “warn when Best Offer is active on auctions”? I would appreciate it, surely. It would save some confusion, and also some scripting on my part.

Have you tried to setup a Smart Group with these conditions:
Uses Starting Bid is Yes AND Uses Best Offer is Yes

And leave the Smart Group folder toggled “open”. Then all your Auction listings with best Offer will show up. Then you can just Select All of these listings and toggle the Best Offer checkbox to Off.



This is a good temporary fix, yes. But as I mentioned I often move items back and forth (50-100 listings every day) between Auction and GTC. So I would then need to re-toggle back to On…

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