Feature Request.. GS needs a 'Discount' price changer

seeking a feature request… (I won’t let this go)

there needs to be a menu item whereby you can select a single or multiple auctions, as ask GS to discount you price by either a certain $ amount of a Percentage %, automatically calculated by GS.

with 1,400 auctions to go though and drop the price ‘by hand’ is time consuming, and frustrating… (I have made a few Typos in my hurrying)…

GS ability to revise lusted auctions is great, and I use it to drop the price on items a week before they end. (I use the 30 days time frame).

how about is GS… any other GS users agree… regards Sandy

Hi Sandy,

if you just want to offer a temporary discount/sale eBay already offers such a feature (requires a store subscriptions).
On the My eBay website go to “Marketing Tools.” > “Markdown Manager” > “Create a Sale”.
This way you won’t have to revise all your listings from within GarageSale each time.

Does this eBay feature work for you?

Regards, Kristian

You can already do this from within GarageSale using AppleScript. Here is how to do it:

  1. Select the listings you want to change the BIN price for in GS
  2. Download the AppleScript file I attached to this message, open it and click the “Run” triangle in the Toolbar

Change BIN Price Percent.zip (2.8 KB)

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