Feature Request: Manual listings for selling outside of Ebay

I would like to use this software to also manage items I sell on Facebook marketplace. I want to be able to distinguish an item that is NOT being sold on Ebay. I don’t just want it to show up in inventory, but I want to see it in the listing pane as well, just like the items appear now.

Here’s how I suggest you do this:

  • Firstly add options for creating a new “OUTSIDE LISTING” and a new “COMBO-LISTING”, as well as the current “EBAY LISTING”.

“Outside” would give the ability to make a listing that won’t post to or sync with Ebay, plus some additional options to specify where you’re selling from (shop, Facebook, Craigslist etc). Data will need to be manually updated
"Combo" is a combination of both Ebay and Outside.
“Ebay” is Ebay only.

  • Make the ability to convert listings into other types, So, if you decide to take something off of Ebay, and only sell via “Outside”, you wont lose your info.

  • Make sure that there is the ability to toggle Combo Listings as “SOLD OUTSIDE” and then automatically end said listing on Ebay. This could be a valuable feature for cashiers to make sure that when an item is being checked out, the Ebay listings are in sync with what is going on locally.

  • The Outside listings will also need the ability to be toggled as sold.

  • Everything needs to be factored into reports seamlessly

There could be a more simplified way to gain some of this functionality, be the above would be the best. I can also see just adding the ability to toggle “Sold” status manually being an effective solution. Then we could manually de-list items.

Unfortunately, GS does not support other marketplaces… only for now, I hope :innocent:

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