Feature Request: More than 12 Images - Select 12 for eBay - All Sent to FTP Server

I recently acquired paid hosting services with ftp to use with GS for the purpose of uploading images. Previously for listings with more than 12 pictures I inserted html code into the listing for additional pictures.

I’d like to have the ability to use more than 12 pictures so that they can all be sent to the ftp server and embedded within the listing. I’d like to select which 12 pictures of the group dragged into the listing get sent to eBay. I also of course get to choose the gallery picture.

Perhaps GS could use a special icon similar to the gallery icon to indicate which photos get sent to eBay within the group dragged into the listing. In this crude mock-up I’ve added a little “e” icon to indicate images that get sent to eBay. In this example the gallery image automatically also is showing a “e” icon, but that is probably not necessary. For the sake of this post pretend there are 20 pictures dragged into the listing shown in the picture and you need to scroll to the right to see them within GS :0)

The little icon used to select which pictures get sent to eBay would be disabled (i.e. faded out) if you had 12 or less photos. Perhaps this feature could only be enabled via preferences.

Well hopefully that is not too confusing. Now that I paying for ftp hosting I’d rather not mess around with inserting html code for groups of photos into the listing.

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