Feature Request On Orders Section

On the orders section of Garagesale 7 you can sort by Name, State, and Date and don’t see a way to sort by title of an eBay listing (unless I am not seeing it).

The reason why I think this would be helpful is that it would make orders from repeat customers on different dates easier to find

So you actually want the orders to be sorted by buyer eBay user name, not by title, right?

Nope, by eBay listing title.

I do not understand how this would help you with this:

But this would be a bit more complicated as one orders could have multiple transactions with different items/titles.

Im sorry, I didn’t explain myself correctly. Lets say an item is purchased by someone but is mailed to somebody else (this is just one scenario) and the person receiving it has a problem and I need to reference it, it would like life easier to be able to search for an eBay title and not by customer

Christmas is coming and I see this happening in the next few months

In my opinion would be much more useful adding some search options like item title… without this the search box in order section is not so useful, I rarely know customers’ names or their eBay ID…

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