Feature Request: set default group location for Move Selected Items To…

I’m trying to make better use of the Move Selected Items To feature—I have found it saves a lot of time when duplicating/modifying existing listings and then filing them into groups.

Was wondering if it would be possible for a future version to include the ability to set a default group where selected listing(s) will move? Or maybe, to have moved items default to the last selected group. Perhaps another approach would be to have groups/nested groups be collapsible within the Move selected items to dialog, so that the destination group can be selected quickly without scrolling through a whole list of groups.

Thanks for considering this—I think Move Selected Items To is a great feature and am hoping it could be expanded to further enhance its usefulness.

I agree that it is limited. I have a couple of work arounds for the most used group. Keep it at the top of the groups tree so it always appears at the top for moving items to; OR, put something like XX at the beginning of the group name.
I also have an issue where pressing the’home’ key does not take me home after I have moved items. I use ‘search’ gobbledegook eg. Gqkgyz or similar. .that works. David

Good ideas on this, davidelliott! I’ve been using similar workarounds as you; my group at the very top is called New Listings Top and I have one at the very bottom of the list of groups called New Listings Bottom. The use of special characters in the group name makes it easier to visually identify which placeholder group I’m placing the listing into.

Another tip I just thought of related to Move Selected Items To…–I always thought it was odd that there was no keyboard shortcut for this, requiring a two-finger click on the listing or navigating to the Edit menu to invoke it. They’re easy to assign though. Using Big Sur here, just go to the Apple menu/System Settings/Keyboard, then click the Keyboard Shortcuts button, followed by App Shortcuts near the bottom of the sidebar. Click the + button, then select GarageSale from the Application dropdown–you’ll need to paste in the exact wording of the menu item “Move Selected Items To…” and them you can choose whatever key command you want to use–for me, command-M seemed obvious. I also went through the same process to assign a keyboard shortcut to Remove All Images… now command-R deletes images instantly which is really handy when duplicating an existing template that requires unique images.

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You can also do --D to Duplicate a listing WITHOUT the photos.


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