Feature request. sort by price and or status

I use sort all the time on items in my GS6 folder. have bought, but don’t like the interface of GS7.

anyway, can a future edition of GS include either a sort by status and or sort items in a folder by price. at present we only have sort by name in the active listings. (sort by status is in the finished auction at the bottom of the LH window) puzzles me why it has to be ad drop down menu,d slide across menu item, when if it was a single thing, it just could have been in the original drop down menu.?!.

also can there also be a feature option that alerts anyone when the item goes over a certain price while making listing.

I did not notice till I listed a few items recently, that I had mistypes into the buy-it-now, and forgot to add the decimal point… wondered why the item did not sell… serves me right… but I do tend to work fast.

You could simply add a Smart Group that shows all items with a “Price > $xxx.xx”. I have done this and keep the Smart Group “open”, so if any items have a large price (by mistake) they quickly show up in this Smart Group folder.


thanks for the info… don’t have a clue what a smart group is, but will try and learn fast. regards

This might be helpful:

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