Feature request - Styles menu

I know that I can “copy & paste” a style from one paragraph to another. But right now if I am alternating between styles it is very cumbersome. You need to re-copy each time you change. Also, your saved style is lost once you quit and reopen the program. It would be nice if I could save frequently used styles so that I could always have them handy. It could be similar to the text snippets menu…highlight a paragraph, right click and paste the style of your choice.

With “style” are you referring to text styles like color, font-weight, font size etc.?

Regards, Kristian

Tools like PasteBot might already do the trick for you:

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,
Yes, I am talking about text styes, colors, sizes etc. Thanks for the suggestion but I have a third party program that I could use but I think that it should be built into Garage Sale. It already has the ability to copy and paste a style. It would be much more efficient if the style could be saved and recalled. Going to an outside program to enter the styles is more cumbersome.
Love the program…just voicing my wishlist.

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