Feature request: Summe

Für mich wäre es hilfreich, wenn in der Statusanzeige beim Selektieren von Auktionen, wo zum Beispiel “x ausgewählt” angezeigt wird, die Summe der selektierten VK-Preise erscheint.

That sounds like a great suggestion for the middle view…

Maybe also with the quantity, SUM(eachListingItem * Quantity).
If the useQuantity checkbox is checked, use the Quantity value, else probably use quantity value of 1.

I calculate this value manually all the time…


@Neal I appreciate your German language skills, but I think the original request was for GarageBuy. Or maybe it was put into the wrong category?

Nochmal nachgefragt: Geht es um GarageSale oder GarageBuy ?


Well… I still think this would be a great addition to GarageSale also.

I guess my 2 years of High School German class 40 years ago is really paying off!!

Also, the new right-click Translate command in macOS Monterey is working great! :wink:



Thanks for the hint! Makes following the German questions MUCH easier than a cut and paste.

Es ist mein Fehler - ich wollte die Funktion für Garage Sale vorschlagen :wink:

JA!!! Danke! :slight_smile: