FEATURE REQUEST: Watermarks on images

There have been a ton of scammers on ebay stealing auction photos. Ive seen it too many times in comic book collectible auctions especially in high-end comics. It would be nice to have a watermark feature so our auction photos could be unique.

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Sadly, watermarks on listing images is a violation of eBay’s policies

Well, actually they changed their mind after they prohibited watermarks at first (there is an old thread somewhere in the forum). Now you can use watermark, but eBay says they won’t put it in external search engines. Actually they do, they just don’t like it… but if you sell paper ephemera and photographs, watermark is necessary!

As far as I can remember, GS team did not add this feature because it would not fulfill eBay rules, but it doesn’t mean you can’t add it…


My “cheat” is a little card I put in the picture. People were using my listings on ebay, Amazon and Etsy to resell my items and making purchases from me using stolen credit card numbers and having me ship to their customers. A “straw” purchase using new accounts all over the world using a VPN. It took me months to shut them down and putting my logo on the corner helped shut them down.

Wow. I would like to use watermarks as well but until it is implemented and automated in GS I will just have to make do.

You have to take pictures right? Just start adding a little “logo” with your name to new pictures as you make new listings. It wont help old ones but at least you have it on new ones

I use visual watermark to cover my photos. It’s extremely easy. Just drag photos into the app and it will put out them watermarked. 60 seconds more of time and you are ready to put photos in GS listings as always… but already watermaked!

I scan all my items on an A3 scanner, about 20 items at a time so sadly it is not quite that simple for me.

Maybe I should invest in a batch watermarking app. Trouble is, it is all added time spent. A one-click solution in GS would be great but I recognise it is probably not something they might want to do.

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