Feature Request

I think it would be handy to have snippet hot keys in Garage Sale. You could then set up blocks of text you type often and be able to insert them into any template at any time. I know this can be achieved with other software, but having it work from within Garage Sale and even accesses through the Garage Sale Taskbar would be a huge help. A lot of my descriptions are used over and over and can be lengthy and there a a dozen or so. When you cut and paste you are committed to the HTML formatting without running another app that automatically strips it ir manually stripping it. This snippet area could allow you to paste commonly used text blocks and have options to keep or strip formatting. That would be GOLD for me, not sure how many others would find it useful.

Under the Window menu in GarageSale you will find a “Text Block Panel”. When you open this up, you will see a plus icon at the bottom. When you click on that, you can add any test snippet you want.

Very useful feature.