Feature Requests: Auto Select Gallery Image / Turn Double Click Edit Photo Off / Re-import Images at Same Macintosh File URL

  1. I save photos with numbers that correspond to the order in which they should appear in the listing, thus if I were selling a monkey figurine the photos might be named:


It would be nice to have a preference whereas the first photo was automatically selected as the gallery image as this would save an additional step.

  1. I work rather quickly to the point where GS opens up the photo edit window when I was attempting to just select the gallery icon with the second click, but missed the mark perhaps by a few pixels in the gui. I’d like to see a preference ignoring the second click on the image, essentially turning off the photo edit feature, which I never use as I use Photoshop. Instead of having to close the edit window and then click on the gallery icon I could then just click the gallery icon for cases whereas I missed the gallery icon with the second click.

  2. I add watermarks via iWatermark to whole folders of images. The watermarked images are second copies of my original photos in a separate folder. I recently updated the text of my watermark; however, all the newly created watermarked photos have the same name and file url on my Mac as the old ones.

Instead of having to delete the photos from each listing and drag the newly watermarked editions into GS I’d like the ability to select one listing, or a whole folder of listings, and click a “re-import” button. GS would then go to the original file url of each photo and replace it with the current file at that location.


both of your feature requests are very special to the use case you have.

For the first request we can come up with a customisable double-click action? Then you can disable the photo edit window and enable a “set as gallery image” when you double click on an image.

For the second request I would recommend to import the photos after applying the watermark?!


#1 That sounds like a good compromise! :o)

In regards to #2:

Yes, I already do that. I keep two copies of photos - the original and a watermarked copy. I then drag the watermarked copy into GS.



I have; however, recently changed the watermark I will be using on my eBay images, including a large collection of previously completed auctions. Changing the watermarks is easy - all I need to do is point iWatermark Pro to the above folders and it creates new watermarked copies with the same name and path as the old watermarked copies (i.e., it overwrites the previously created watermark copies).

To update my listings to include with the new versions of watermark photos within GS I would need to delete the old images in each listing and drag the new images into GS. Since the new ones have the exact same path as the old ones all GS really needs to be told is to re-import the image from the same Mac file path that was recreated when the images were originally dragged into GS.

This assumes of course assumes that GS is keeping track of that original file’s path from when the image was initially dragged into GS, which it may not be.


sorry, but GarageSale does not track the location of the imported images. So there is no way to automatically do what you want.


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