Feature Requests for "Inventory" and "Variations"

Just a few requests…

  • It’s good that the variations “sub-window” can be resized, but how about allowing size adjustment of the inventory column? You can resize the columns WITHIN the inventory column (Title, SKU, etc) but there’s no way to make the whole inventory column wider, not even if you resize the whole “sub-window”.
  • There’s no way to sort the inventory list; it’s in the order that you’ve created the items, or else the order which you’ve manually dragged things around. Why not a “Sort by” option – by Name, by Creation Date, by Sales Activity, Manually, etc? Ironically, you CAN sort inventory from within the variations “sub-window” but there’s no way to sort according to how the list looks when you’re looking at it through the Inventory window. So in other words: When looking at your inventory the ONLY way to look at it is in whatever manual order you’ve decided, but when looking at your inventory through the variations “sub-window” it’s IMPOSSIBLE to look at it in whatever manual order you’ve decided. Why make it so confusing?
  • As a sort-of-alternate, being able to hover over an inventory item in the variations “sub-window” and see that item’s information (name, SKU, UPC, etc) would be helpful.
  • Create an inventory item with a single photo. Create a variation of a product using that inventory item. As it is now I have to do a bit of extra work by telling GarageSale that I want to use that single photo as the representative image for that variation. Why not just have GarageSale understand that if there’s only one image for a given inventory item then that’s the image that should be automatically assigned to that variation? (Similarly, if there are two or more photos for a given inventory item then GarageSale should pick the first one, for a placeholder if nothing else. The user can always go back and change it after the fact.)
  • If I have an existing listing on ebay (not published through GarageSale) which has variations, and I have GarageSale import my existing listings from ebay, why doesn’t GarageSale also pull those variations (with images) and put them into my inventory?

I would like to add my vote for a sort option in the inventory list. At least by title and sku.

If you right-click on a group in inventory mode you can sort by name or by sku.
Does this work for you?

Regards, Kristian

Duh!! Yes this works. I was right clicking on the word ‘Inventory’ (where you hide/show)


I don’t have any groups. So in order to sort, I have to create groups and add them to the group? Why the unnecessary extra step of making a group? Imagine if Apple or Microsoft said “You can’t sort any of your files until you put them into folders first. Oh, and you can’t sort those folders either.”

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