Feature suggestion: Update All Orders -> Trigger Listing Updates

This is a minor UI thing, and is only noticeable from people (like me) who have a large number of listings and a (relatively) small number of orders.

This morning I noticed a sale on the eBay website right before packing to ship out, so I decided to print the packing slip in GS, as I do.

I was early enough that neither the Listing nor Order had updated status yet. I think I check orders every 30 minutes, Listings every 2 hours or so.

So I forced “Update All Orders” with the menu item in the Orders view, and of course (since I only have 9 right now) the new one popped in very quickly.

But when I returned to the Listings view, that item was not yet updated.

I was thinking that perhaps it might be convenient and reasonable to force an eBay Listing Update for items which appear in new Order items. Not a big thing, but since I have been doing UX work in a database front end myself, it came to mind.

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