Few details need correcting

3 items to bring to your attention.
Under menu item ‘Listings’ is the command ‘Remove All Images…’ It shows an ellipses which means a dialog box will appear. But none does. The ellipses should be removed.

The select category window used to show recently used categories but no longer does. It is always blank.

Lastly, in the left panel, some auctions show a small cartoon bulb indicating the number of bids. Not all auctions show this that have bids. See below. Top item no, 2nd item yes.

Thanks for a great product,

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your feedback.

The ellipses are correct. By default a “Do you really want to…” panel appears but you probably selected the “Don’t show again” checkbox previously.

I add this to our to do list!

Does it help to refresh your eBay token and select “Update all Listings” from the Listing menu?

Regards, Kristian

No change after refresh and update.

If you check the Inspector sidebar, does it display the correct Bid amount there? (in Live mode)

Regards, Kristian

Yes, bid count is correct. The auction is now over, but the final bid count does show in the Inspector, Live Mode.

Hi Steve,

I am a bit clueless here but can you export and send me that listing via private message or our support so I can have a closer look at it?

Regards, Kristian

Here is the exported auction. It’s now closed, so you may not find any
problems. If I see again, I’ll export right away.


Hi Steve,

unfortunately, the attachement didn’t make it through.
Could you send it to me using our support?

Regards, Kristian

Emailed directly to support. Attachment was 11MB.

Thanks Steve, already replied to that mail.

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