Filter for "Second Store Category is not set"?

I find myself doing a little reorganizing in my store, and was about to create a Smart Group of items where the Second Store Category was not set.

Consider this an ask for (1) advice on how or (2) a minor addition to the filter ontology in new versions.


later: And yes I know I can “just” sort by second store category in the list view and select the ones that aren’t set manually. That’s a workaround, though, not a behavior.


Interesting. In 8.3.x it is not possible to sort the list view by the Second Store Category field and have the empty ones show up in a bunch!

This is odd and interesting, and feels like maybe a bug? Does null sort to the front of the alphabet, or does it fall through the sorting algorithm you use completely and stay where it was?

Feedback noted. This probably needs a new meta-attribute “secondary store category used” in GarageSale’s internal database and a corresponding smart group rule.

Could not easily reproduce the sorting issue. Am I doing something different from you?

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