Finally stopped struggling with Garage Sale

If you have found your way here because, like me, you were struggling with Garage Sale 7 after successfully using Garage Sale 6, I have finally found a solution.

Accept the fact that it doesn’t work very well, move the program to the trash, breathe a sigh of relief that iwascoding will never frustrate you again, and continue with your life.

And that is the point I’ve had to reach. I spent hours looking on this forum, desperate to find out why my listings wouldn’t import from GS6 to the GS7, after I had been forced into the update. And having spent hours almost begging my computer to make it work, I realise that you can’t bargain with stupidity.
iwascoding took the GS6 platform and changed it unnecessarily in so many ways. Change for the sake of change is always a clear sign of stupidity.

If you are reading this looking for answers like I was, I’m sorry but you’ve wasted your money on Garage Sale like I did.
If you are reading this, having not yet paid out for Garage sale… DON’T! Save your money, and your blood pressure.

I cannot express how much of a relief it is to not have to fight with this program any longer!

Sorry to hear to GarageSale is giving you a hard time.

There is indeed a rare problem, where GarageSale 7 does not get permission to read any files outside its sandbox container.

Unfortunately we were never able to track down the source of the problem, as the system does not provide any reason why the error happens.

What you could is:

a) move your GS 6 container to a different Mac, that most likely isn’t affected by the is problem
b) send us to relevant files from GS6 library via Dropbox, and we’ll do the conversion for you.

Hope this helps.

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