"Find exact correspondence" in search does not work

the pain in the neck is back!
Since after so many months this bug is still here… and so also in the new official release… is it possible to know why in search field the “find exact correspondence” still does not work? If I search for “ABC15”, GS gives me results for ABC15, ABC150, ABC151, ABC152, ABC153 and sooooo on. And then I have to select one by one in order to find the listing I was looking for…
A solution would be very useful… I supposed for all and not only for me…


This is not how this feature works:

Without that option set, a search for “a b” would find all listings that contain “a” in any given word, and “b” in any given word. With the option set, only listings that contain exactly “a b” would be returned.

Hence, searching for “ABC15” with return " ABC152", because it contains exactly " ABC15".

Have your tried search for "ABC15 " (note the space of the 5).

Hello @ilja ,
I see… honestly I don’t think it is very smart. One thing is “find words which contain ABC15” (and ok, it will give me ABC151-2-3 and so on), another thing is "find exact correspondence for ABC15 (which must give me only that exact correspondence). Do you think I am wrong?

P.S. I forgot to say, the space does not work

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