First image resize

I have noticed that from last update the first image (which goes on eBay serves) is resized as all others I include in description. If I had 2000x3000 pixel images, before last update GS did not resize the first one and buyers could see 2000x3000 from eBay image box. Now it is resized 1200x800 as all other images that goes on your server. I hope you could fix this, it is very important that at least first image is full dimension.

Hope you could help


the max size on our server is 1200 x 800. This is the size you can select in the preferences.

The eBay server has its own max sizes. We always use the max size eBay allows us to upload. Sometimes they even shrink these images to they limitation.

The only way you can upload images as large as you wish is to use your own image server (FTP, WebDAV etc.). You can select “Use Original Size” which will not resize the images at all.


Hello @Paul,
thank you very much for your help! I give you a concrete example of what I mean because I think it is something different.

What do you think about this?

Thank you


after some time of research I finally understood. Because the images in the description are all scaled the same (max size 1200x800). But the zoomed EPS image in the upper left corner is larger, right?

We will investigate this.


Hello Paul,
actually, EPS image has always been larger and I think it is right. The first eBay image full dimensions and other in description all scaled the same at 1200x800. It is not a problem that first image is larger, but that from your last update it is no longer larger but scaled as all others in description…
Tell me if you need any more explanation!

Thank you again