Font Dialog box problem

When i select a word, the font Dialogue box does not tell me what typeface the word is set in.

I have been using garage sale for some time, and so I have a great many templates & old auctions, and when I come to use one, as a style sheet, I can change the text to what ever I want in the Font Dialogue box, but when I clic on a word, such as in the screen shot here, the font dialog box does not tell me what font it is, unlike any other mac program, who would automatically jumt to the font name… photoshop word pages, etc.

her I have selected a serifed font, but the font dialogue box clearly shows Helvetica…

I like to change fonts now and then, as styles change, and I like to beaf up my listings occasionally so I don’t get into a one font rut.

can this please be fixed. regards, Sandy