Fonts change size for no apparent reason.. WHY.?

having serious trouble editing my old listings in new GS 7…

trying to eliminate VERY odd line spacing… to try and get the text to look normal.

pic 1 I select the text and change all to one font and one size…
pic 2, I put the cursor at the rear of a line, and use forward delete key, to try and close up the text, and suddenly it changes the font size of the line after it to a totally different size…


this is getting impossible to format my old GS 6 listings, and massage the text back to how it looked in GS 6.

and I cant find out WHY.

I am afraid I will have to give up on GS7, and go back to GS 6 till this text and line formatting problem is fixed…


@clacknut text edit is a lost battle, I have complained about this for months (year?). It drives me mad every time I have to do something like you… be patient… !!

My guess is that there is an invisible area using some that large font size right before the text you are deleting, and somehow those text setting get applied.

Can you please export and send us the listing from GarageSale 7 for investigation?

Mother & Home June 1953 Vintage UK (871.0 KB)

I looked at the HTML, and it looks pretty broken. I removed all the formatting code by copy the text from preview mode and inserting it into GarageSale’s Editor mode.

Instead of doing the reformatting in HTML, I used the Markdown mode to format heading (#), subheading (##), added emphasis (* or **). Here is short video showing the process:

Hope this helps.

P.S. I believe your standard terms of the bottom of your listing would be a perfect candidate for GarageSale’s text block feature.

PSS: here is the changed listing:
Mother & Home June 1953 Vintage UK (866.6 KB)

Hi, have been into Mac since 1985. but I only really know Photoshop… and while what your do with this look Ok, I doubt I can do that.have no clue about HTML. etc… and I have 14,000 items for auction…
(I dont even know how to get voice mains from my iphone)
so I think I have to stick to GS 6 for now.
how a bout a button or menu item that simply de/un formats all text.?

That’s specifically why we added the Markdown feature as shown in the video.

We had that feature, but seems to have broken with some system update. We’ll try to get it to work again as soon as possible.

Hi, I am a visual artist, Photographer, and I live in photoshop… but anyting other than that I dont understand… I will use GS6 till this featre comes in. regards, Sandy

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