For all GarageSale 7 Users- should us GarageSale 6 users switch yet?

Spending time on the forum reading about listings disappearing, sales unrecorded, photos not dragging etc. etc. we have to ask: is GS7 worth the trouble? Listing is such a grind in the best of circumstances, with buggy software we’re afraid our head might explode.

Appreciate all honest, thoughtful replies, no trash talk please. Please?..

It’s a very very (very) little %, but it should depends on an old version, so that’s not at all a reason that might prevent you from upgrading. Besides it appears if you use auto-restart of hundreds listings at a time…

As above, only 1 in months and hundreds of orders…

That is fixed, don’t know if in the current version or in a beta one. Wait for @ilja

Furthermore, in my opinion you must do it due to recent new ebay policies which obligate you to be httpS, mobile friendly and so on… GS 6 is not mobile friendly and does not give you the possibility to use https for your photos. So again, you really should upgrade.
Honestly, there is only one (maybe two) thing you have to consider before upgrading. First, if you have an old computer with a slow HD, GS will slow down a lot (tried on a iMac middle 2013 I think). Besides, if you have 100.000 listings, you might have problems using the auto-relist, but I suppose it’s not the case.
I just don’t understand how you could use GS 6 until now, considering all ebay policies introduced. Probably you don’t use a design of your listings??

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