Forced to "select a shipping profile"

I select under “Shipping options” the “shipping profile - don’t use”. I add my own shipping options (“Other Courier”) plus price. Yet I keep getting the red warning signal “Please select a shipping profile”, and so I cannot start the auction. (The same happens with Returns - I am forced to select a return profile.)

I have checked previous conversations on this topic but nothing works for me: I have refreshed the ebay token, I have tried to click “Update profiles”, I don’t have an ebay business profile (and never had). I am only an occasional user of ebay. I recently updated from GarageSale 6 to 8, and it appears it lists old shipping profiles and prices (like “RoyalMail (£3.80)5workingdays”) but these are years old and none of them are relevant to the books I am listing now.

I checked my Ebay account settings but cannot find anything there of relevance to this issue.

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try selecting for returns profile “DON’T USE” and for the shipping profile “DON’T USE”. It is the only way mine works.

Thank you. I am afraid that was the first thing I did. It does not work for me.

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These are the check boxes settings that work for me.

Yes, I am also specifying “Don’t use” for Shipping (and Returns) profile. But still it wants me to choose a shipping profile before I am allowed to start the auction.

Obviously, the old shipping profiles must have been imported from Garagesale 6, but these are old and not relevant. Is there no way of deleting old shipping profiles? I tried “update profiles” but it does not do anything.

“If you select a profile for one of the option, e.g. for the Payment option, you have to select a profile for the other 2 options as well.”

The key is selecting “do not use” for the “payment profile”. I forgot that

Thank you. That works! It is strange that Garagesale does not, in its warnings, indicate that the problem is that a “payment profile” is selected. It just keeps referring to shipping and returns profiles.

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