Forum comments closing 10 days after last post


Sorry to come back on this topic, but I agree with other users: closing a topic after 10 days is far too short.

Many topics are duplicated because of this.
For instance, there are several threads opened by users who could not import items into the inventory using a CSV file. I found a solution to this and could help, but as I’m a recent user of GarageSale, I could not post any answer to many topics, because they were closed.

Users cannot help each other and this really kills the community.

It would suffice that users have to tell which version of GarageSale they’re using, so that everyone can dicern if an issue could possibly have been solved with newer versions.
And to delete new threads that do not mention which version of GarageSale is used when the question is possibly version-specific.

I don’t see a reason for closing a topic at any time.
The extra work involved by revived posts will be counterbalanced by less duplicate questions, more exhaustive answers and a more active community where users can help each other.


The reason for auto-closing is that inexperienced users have been to hijacking older, open threads, which were mostly completely unrelated to their problem.

It seems tempting for many people to say “I’ve got the same problem”, instead of writing down what their exact problem is. This caused a lot confusion and frustration, and also overlong discussion threads. Hence, the auto-close.

What about postponing the closing time to 30 days?

I really cannot recall what was discussed 30 days ago. If we don’t find a solution within 10 days, there’s probably none at the moment.

Nothing in particular, it was just to say that 10 days is really few time also in my opinion. 30 days might give more possibilities to reply also to other person that do not visit frequently this forum. Doing an average from the number of new (official, not beta) releases, might we say one per month? Or one over 2 months? So… 10 days is really not enough! This is just my idea… you are right saying it might have no sense to leave threads opened forever since you do many releases of updates, but 10 says is really not enough if between one or two different releases it takes one or two months (or more)…

As I see, I’m not alone being frustrated by the 10 days limit.

People have a life beside GarageSale and cannot or don’t necessarily want to follow what is discussed in this forum on a daily or weekly basis. So, to my opinion 10 days is far too short.

I understand that the admins are a small team, and that it is difficult for you to remember what was discussed 30 days ago.

Why not simply set a pastel background color for threads that are no longer supported by admins, whilst letting users of the software still take part to the discussion and help each other?

Alternatively, you could automatically post a message to mention that a thread is no longer officially supported, whilst letting him interactive.

If some message off topic in a thread, a “report abuse” link should suffice for asking the admins removing the message or closing the topic, but only then this is truly necessary.

Fully agree. 10 days is too short.

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