Forum Comments Closing After 10 Days

Explain the reasoning behind closing comments after 10 days?

It can’t be the cost of memory? you can get 4tb for $100 and have a million trillion comments.

Does not GS want the forums to be useful?

I admit the forum LOOKS nice, but it lacks in useful info.

And remember, if you want to comment on my comment. YOU HAVE 9 DAYS, and 23 hours left !!!


That is a very good question.

I suppose it is to avoid people revive very old threads that may refer to previous versions of GS (like beta versions) that now work in a different way. So they have to open a new discussion, but in some cases it does not receive any reply and closes…

Topics don’t close after 10 days. They close ten days after the last post. So as long as there’s still some activity in a thread, it won’t close.

Topics close because people used to chime in on issues, that were fixed months ago. Seems people like to send an “I’m affected by this, too” without reading up on the original thread. The signal to noise ratio was just too high, causing confusion among our users.

I agree the questions here should be open for more than 10 days. That seems like a short time to keep a topic alive because issues certainly aren’t all solved within 10 days.

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