From GS6 to GS 7

dear all
i’m forced since from days to stop my activity due to the last updates on ebay/Gsale
I was using GS 6.9 etc and now I’m forced to upgrade.
here some of the major problem I have and hope someone is able to provide any help please!

  1. license number - I’ve buy the previous license on app store - so apparently I should upgrade from there but the app for gs/ doesn’t exist anymore on app store
  2. Auction upload from GS6 and GS7 is tremendous slow and block itselves most of the time
  3. Auction upload from ebay is still very slow even if my connection is supporting netflix vision ( the it run properly)
    I already spend several hours to set up the new version for new auction etc but if it continues not working then i’ll forced to change again…

Hi Alby,

Even as a buyer from the GarageSale version from the MAS, GarageSale 7 should offer you the upgrade option. (Select “Buy License…” from the “GarageSale” menu in GarageSale 7.)
If not, please contact the GarageSale support directly:

I can’t answer question #2 and #3 but for me it sounds more like a network issue? Do you maybe use your own image server for image uploads? Do you use tools like “Little Snitch”?

Sometimes restarting the router and Mac works wonders, too, but I guess you already tried that.

Regards, Kristian

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