FTP upload fails since upgrading to GS9

I upgraded to GS9 and since then I am having all kind of trouble connecting and uploading my images via FTP. I am always getting the error “Beim Hochladen der Bilder auf den FTP-Server ist ein Fehler aufgetreten: Error while uploading (18): Transferred a partial file”. I can connect to my webspace via Transmit perfectly using the same credentials. Only GarageSale fails :confused:

I don’t think this is related to GarageSale/by upgrading to GarageSale 9. Surely, something must have been changed with your server or server settings.
Maybe the help section “Troubleshooting FTP Settings” gives some clues?

I had a long troubleshooting support call with my hosting provider. They have not made any changes in the last year regarding ftp access. The funny thing is: When I use the built-in step-by-step setup in GS it can log on just fine and lists all the content which is inside the folder. Just the last step (when it tries to upload the test image) it fails with the error stated above.

Edit: In the console log I found this error message: “standard 11:49:03.591763+0100 GarageSale FTP/SSL connection to “my domain” not verified!”

(“my domain” ist of course exchanged – in the console it names my server correctly)

Unfortunately, I’m a bit in the dark here.

  • What Connection Type do you have selected in the GarageSale preferences > Image Server? Do you maybe have to select a different Connection Type? Please note that GarageSale does not support SFTP connections.
  • What connection type do you have selected in Transmit?
  • Can you find out what “TLS” version is used on your server? Maybe it’s an older version like TLS 1.2?
  1. I try both: implicit SSL or TLS/SSL, both result with the same error.
  2. In Transmit I can use whatever connection I like (SSH/sFTP, TSL, SSL aka FTPs), except insecure FTP which is not supported at my provider. All work just fine.
  3. My provider switched off older TLS versions this year (1.0 and 1.1).

I received an email form @kristian via email this morning containing the critical tip which finally helped me:

Obviously my provider does not accept TLS v1.3, therefor I have to limit GarageSale to TLS v1.2.

So I opened a new Terminal window (GarageSale must not be open at this stage), typed

“defaults write com.iwascoding.garagesale9 ftpsMaxTLSVersion TLSv1_2” (without colons)

and confirmed by pressing enter.

After that GarageSale behaved like it always did.

Thx a lot @kristian, all credits belong to you!