Full brands listing not loading

When filling in the “brands” available in the item description, it’s not loading the full list. For Coats & Jackets, for example, it only loads alphabetically to Luxire. I had this issue years ago, and was told that you only load the first 500 items in a list and you’d look into it. However, the list was complete before, and it fixed itself (or I fixed it, I can’t remember which) and now it’s happening again, and it’s a big time waster, and potential for misspelling brands. I’m used to putting in Ermen and the system will auto fill Ermenegildo Zegna, this is a big time saver. I deleted my account and put it back in, to see if it would auto-update. I’ve updated categories. I’m working w/ GS8.

Hi dap_luxury,

you’re referrring to the “brands” attribute in the items specifics, did I get this correctly?

If so, could you please let me know which eBay site and which category that is?

Regards, Kristian

All categories I’ve used so far, and ebay.com
Also, when putting in the item specifics, the program locks up and crashes about every 5th time. So there’s more going on here. Since it doesn’t seem to be a common issue, except for me, could there be something in my database messing it up?

I was able to reproduce the issue with the incomplete list of brands. Not sure if that’s something we can control, maybe @ilja has an idea?

When you re-opened GarageSale, please fill in an e-mail address in the crash report panel so we can try to figure out why GarageSale crashes.

Regards, Kristian

New, possibly related issue: I haven’t had the crash since I’ve started working with it again today (about 20 listings in), but almost every time I go to fill in the details and ESC out of the window and nothing updates, I have to go back in and do it again, it almost always works the second time. I can’t seem to make it consistently work the first time.

Additionally, regarding the 500 brands limit, this is something I’ve come up against before and it eventually was fixed, but I don’t remember if you did something, or if I just started a new database.

Can you post a screen video of that happening, so we can try to reproduce that bug?

I’m wondering if presses the ESC key to close the window might revert all your changes? :thinking:

I checked the code, and it downloads the first 6000 suggested for each attribute. I can see “Ermenegildo Zegna” as one of the suggested brands for clothing. Maybe eBay didn’t return the full response at one time, and GarageSale saved that incomplete response locally. Here is how you can erase GarageSale attributes cache to forces a re-download. Maybe that cures the problem:

  1. In GarageSale, choose “Help” > “Open Library Folder”
  2. Quit GarageSale
  3. Delete the folder “EbaySpecifics” from GarageSale’s Library folder
  4. Restart GarageSale
  5. Check suggestions for the brand attribute

Hi, I did as suggested and it seems to redownload the same file. I checked the brands on men’s coats and jackets and it only goes to LVC.
Made a movie of it, don’t know how to make it smaller, so had to put it in a dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vr4ijg58xtw80r/gsale1.mov?dl=0
I’ve been having the same issue off and on (data not saving when making changes) when changing shipping options too. Will try to capture that.

When you said maybe hitting ESC is not saving the data, I thought, I always have to hit ESC to get out of the window, because there’s no buttons to click to close the window. I notice now, when trying to make changes in the shipping window, when it comes up w/o buttons, I can’t save any changes, hitting ESC closes the window w/o changes. When the buttons are there, all changes are updated as they are made and hitting ESC closes the window with those changes. This is a separate issue to the brands list one.35 57

Additionally, I checked other categories and some go to “Z” brands, which presumably is the end. Others don’t. Men’s Suits and Suit Separates goes to “Z Zegna”, Coats & Jackets stops at “LVC” (as do several others), Women’s dresses stop at “NeroGiardini”, Women’s Suits & Suit Separates goes to “ZOZO”, etc.
Can there be some glitch in the list making it more than 6000 brands?

Good catch. It sound like the Escape button behaves differently when the window is in torn-off mode (close button visible). We’ll investigate if we can change it, but it might be the MacOS system behaviour (popover vs. regular windows).

I increased the limit for the number of downloaded attributes. Please delete the “EbaySpecifics” folder once again, and give this version a try:


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