Garage Sale 7 (all betas since 17) wrong event loading count

GS Team,

on the event window while loading the events GS 7 shows a count much higher than the actual active event.
In fact garage sale never removes all events (event those deleted one from the window).

Let’s say I’m running an event with 20 listing, GS 7 shows something like “Launching 500 listings” when only 20 should right amount.

Garage Sale ultimately does the right thing and only publishes the 20 to eBay but the High Count creates a little bit of confusion.

Thank you.


we will have a fix ready in the next beta version. There was an issue in the database where events not get properly deleted.

You will have to hold down the ALT-key while opening the scheduler window. This will fix the database, but please wait for the next beta.