Garage Sale 7 Beta (29,30,31,32) Crash with events deletion

GS team,

Deleting events works (moves them to the trash can). However, deleting the events permanently crashes garage sale without warning.

Thank you.

I’m able to delete events with the GS7 (beta 17)

I’m clearing things up with this version (17) and then upgrading to 32 to look for more bugs.

Thanks for reporting. The next beta release will contain the fix.

By the way, still getting the spinning ball every time i navigate away from GS and go back to it, plus sometimes after dropping pictures in…

GararageSale does not execute any extra code, when its becoming the active application. My guess is that the system has compressed GarageSale’s memory and needs to uncompress it when you switch back to it.

Can you try to record a screen recording of the beach ball when switching back to GarageSale? It would be very helpful, if you could arrange the windows for the recording so, that the Activity monitor’s CPU tab is recorded, too.

Please tell me how to do this and I’ll be happy to…

Open the “QuickTime Player” Application, and choose “File” menu > “New Screen Recording”. Once you have the file recorded, please upload it to Dropbox or YouTube, as it is probably too big to be uploaded to this forum directly.