Garage Sale 7, Rotate Right, Rotate Left, Bugs

For your info:
The new rotation feature has issues. (GS7 Beta 4,

I have an image that I needed to Rotate Right just one time and it rotated it two steps ahead, in order to fix it I rotated it once Left and the images looks right now.
There might be issues with Rotate Left, too.

Thank you.

Hi vintagecrave,

Thank you for your feedback.
I was not able to reproduce the issue here with GarageSale 7 beta 4. I tried it in Editor and in Preview mode. Could this be an issue with a certain image only?

Regards, Kristian

I suspect that something is not interpreting the rotation properties in your specific image file correctly.

Do you still have the original image file? Can you please send it to me? I guess it’s best to compress the image as a zip file before sending it, so it does not get modified during the transmission.


So here’s a really good thing.
In the past after rotating images with Google Picasa, GS6 would not recognize Picasa’s changes, but GS7 does.

I will leave the rotation issue alone since I find the an outside editor like Picasa much better for editing before uploading images to GS7.

The images were taken using an iphone 6. I’m not sure if the iPhone 6 adds something to the image’s metadata to caused the side effect that I encountered with those images.

Thank you.

Never less we’d still like to see it fixed. How did you get the image from the iPhone onto your Mac? iCloud, import via USB cable or something else?

We could reproduce this bug on our own and believe to have fixed it. No further information from you is required at this point. Thank you.

I’ll keep my eyes open for other bugs.

I’m back to GS7 B5.

GS7 B6, crash after the following:
Open up a template, rotated the image to the right (that rotated however it left some black space at the top and bottom of the image.
Rotated the image Left, then GS7 B6 crashed.
GS7-B6 didn’t allow me to access that template and became unstable and kept crashing after that.

I’m uploading this images with a USB using Image Capture, the Images are then organized with Picasa and sometimes edited with Picasa, too.

There’s still something wrong. I’m back to GS7 B5 in the meantime.

I’ll keep listing for now, thank you for the support.

These crashes should go away with beta 7.