Garage Sale 7 setup "eBay Access to Website Blocked"

Trying to link an eBay account on a new computer I’m setting up my old license for.

The token/authorization window opens through GarageSale but it simply says “eBay Access to Website Blocked”

Any suggestions to work around this?

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Can you log-in on the eBay website in Safari at all?

Is there anything non-standard about the way you access the internet? Maybe you’re using a VPN or something like that?

Regards, Kristian

Hi did you fond a solution to this please? I have the exact same issue which renders GarageSale unusable for me currently. Thanks!

Setup a VPN using the organization and instructions below.

System Preferences > Network > VPN

That will mask your IP so that eBay can’t block it. But they still could be blocking your individual copy of GS.

That could also help determine if the problem is somewhere along the connection to eBay.

Check eBay User Forum as I seem to recall people getting this error when using their browsers.

Opera GX browser has a VPN feature.

This issue might have to do with your Safari/macOS version.
Another customer who had the same issue just updated to the latest Safari/macOS version and that fixed the issue.

Regards, Kristian

No this isn’t the issue for me - I’m on the current version of MAC OS and Safari. Thanks for the response though.

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