Garage Sale 7 to 8 Import

I was just wondering how long the import process should take. I have about 300 listings and its taken 4 days so far. This is my second attempt, the first attempt was on a different Mac. I stopped the process at 48 hours.

Importing for 4 days sound a bit long. When you open the Console utility (under /Application/Utilities), do you see any output from GarageSale? You can use the Search field in the top right of the Console window to filter for GarageSale output.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

I see nothing in the console under GarageSale. Its worth noting however that the process has been stuck on the number shown in the progress screen for a while. Something is using the processor though because the system is running very slowly.

Any chance you could send us your GarageSale 7 library for investigation?

Here is how to get hold of it:

  1. Start GarageSale 7 (not GarageSale 8!)
  2. Choose “Open Library Folder” from the “Help” menu
  3. Locate the directory “GarageSale.leveldb”
  4. Compress that file (right-click and choose "Compress …)
  5. Upload the compressed .zip file using the web page:


Hi ilja,

I would be happy to send my GS Library. I will start to upload it today. I was able to get around this issue however by manually exporting my listings from GS7 and manually importing into GS8. This ended up working out quite well. I just had to spend a bit of time reorganizing them into groups (which I needed to redo anyway)

Thank You

I received your library. Turned out too much outdated cruft accumulated in your GS7 library, which was probably too much for GS8 to import.

I can send you a slimmed down version of your GS7 library, which should give your your folder structure again once imported into GS8.

I am having the exact same issue. Is it possible I can send you the Library File too?
Thanks Greg

Sure, here is a upload link for you:

I am having trouble uploading the file (4Gb) and trying for the individual .ldb entries; but it seems massive … I am not sure what ‘Cruft’ has accumulated however is there a way to slim it down … we have 376 live listings so unsure why it is so big?

I think you can cancel the DropBox upload. At the rate the individual files are trickling in, those is going to take forever.

I’ll contact you on how to proceed.

Hi Ilja!

I too am having this issue. I just compressed my GS file. It is over 4GB. Uploaded it to google drive.

Can I please send it to you so I won’t have to lose any information? Fix everything for me and put my info in GS 8?

Not able to use 7…latest version at all… because it tells me it’s too old…it isn’t, it’s the latest.

So…best time of year for business for us, so can you let me know ASAP?
Where to send the link.

Thank you! Blessings!

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