Garage sale 8.1.1b4 locking up

I get this notice which I click off of and then GS locks up and nothing can be clicked on in the menu bar. It was doing the same thing sometimes when waking from sleep.

They only way I got it to clear up and stay running was to check the “Do not show…” check box.

Does this happen with the final release of GarageSale 8.1.1 as well?
If yes, can you open the Console utility (under /Application/Utilities), and check whether you see any output from GarageSale there? Use the search field in the top right of the Console window to filter for GarageSale output.

Regards, Kristian

The beta is after the 8.1.1 final release? It has been random and i can’t say when it started so I didn’t report it earlier. The total lock was today and on Tuesday it allowed me to us after clicking the “OK” button. Today as I noted, I have been able to keep it running by clicking the “do not show…” box. Before that I was only able to use GS for a few minutes and it would throw the box up and locked up tight when I clicked “OK”. There are 2 crash reports in the console.

GarageSale 8.1.1b4 is a beta version, GarageSale 8.1.1 is the latest version.

Can you please check the Console application as described in my previous answer and provide us with the logs (if there’re any logs)? A text file would be perfect.

If you’re experiencing crahes recently, feel free to send us the latest crash report (as a file).

Regards, Kristian

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