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Having been a long time user of GarageSale, and upgraded at each stage, and having just come on to the forum to discover if I can move my GarageSale library of 20GB to an external SSD [it appears this can’t be done], I’ve just learnt of the new pricing model for GarageSale8. All I can say is this: iwascoding is a very good name for your company! I doubt there will be much future coding going on when you lose much of your customer base. Which is a shame.

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The same would be true if we’d stick with the current model. :wink:

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Fair enough. And sorry for being flippant. But just to put three points to you: first, Office365 is £8 per month, or £60 per year. So USD15 per month for GarageSale seems a bit of touch. Second, there is a big relative difference between someone who lists 100 low cost items per month, and only sells a few of those items, to someone who lists, for example, 51 MacBooks at £1,000 / $1,000 a piece and sells all of them. Third: image hosting. This hasn’t been possible [for me anyway] since eBay moved from their 30 day listing policy to ‘open ended’. All I will say is this: should you implement the suggested changes, and I suspect you will, and then reverse them, and I suspect you will, you will have lost me. Hopefully, for you, I’m small beer. And the many other customers you have - that you will likely lose - are small beer to you too.

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Office 365 has probably a million subscribers. We don’t even get to a 5 digit active users number.

Yes, there’s certainly difference, but implementing that bookkeeping code to charge people based on revenue,( factoring in refunds, etc), would have required a lot more effort on our side. That’s why decided against it.

Image hosting is included in GarageSale Pro.

You might be right, but at least we tried to keep GarageSale alive instead of just closing down.

Your last comment about the subscriber base does not wash with me. What’s the difference in numbers in the customer base over the past few years? Has it reduced that much that you’re close to closing down? A move from a 20USD upgrade price to a 100USD upgrade price [for example] would be more than reasonable. But jacking up the price to 180USD per year? 360USD over two years? 540USD over three years? Are things in such dire straits? Because if they are, the annual payment up front might not be such a good idea either…

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Current sales are only about 1/6 what our company needs to survive. eBay’s improved website and free mobile tools ate away the bottom end of the market, where we used to generate the majority of our income.

We’ve only been able to keep this company running for the past few years, because we were lucky to score a few consulting gigs when things looked really bleak. This of course greatly delayed the development of new GarageSale features.

Pricing is hard, and we probably didn’t find a perfect solution, but we have to start somewhere.

I understand. And obviously you know your customer base. Good luck and I hope you carry on coding as you have a good product. Just not for me any more, no matter how amazing GarageSale8 turns out to be.

On reflection, and after reading some other comments, I did not realise you were such a small operation of three. Clearly you are working very hard. So: I will support you in the short term and pay for a subscription. But in the long term, unless there is movement on the pricing model, I just don’t see how I can justify paying 540USD over the next three years.

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Thank you.

Also, until we announce otherwise, we will credit you any GarageSale Pro subscription fees spent during this phase of the beta stage.

Also, the price for the three year period should be a little cheaper if you are going for the yearly subscription.

the subscription rate is too steep for me, i could afford $60 USD for an annual subscription. Currently i use the 50 free listings per month and here in Canada there are 3 or 4 promotions per year that offer 500 free listings. I operate on very small margins of profit and would classify my activity as advanced hobby class. I appreciate your methodology, expertise and dedication, but i think this move would force me to use Ebays online selling tools for the 50 monthly listings. And for me there would simply be no more 500 listings. I would have to bundle the old stock together in lots to get rid of it.

How about this strategy: You should be able to list those 50 free listings without signing up for GarageSale Pro.
Once it comes to the 3 or 4 500 free listings events, you only sign up for GS Pro for that specific month. If my math checks out, you should be paying 4 * $15 = $60.

You can jump in and out of the monthly charges? I am seasonal in my listings and do few in the summer and 25 or so a day in the winter.

Sure, just cancel your subscription after you bought it. The GarageSale Pro subscription will stay active for the period your paid for.

I can’t resist: then why not offer a flat upgrade price to GS8 that is 6 times of what you asked for in the past? You have heard it from me and many others here that they would be open to that idea. Even if you’d scratch some of the new features from that license model (like syncing) and keep them as a subscription-only feature.

I can’t mention it often enough: there is an easy way to earn you sales that otherwise will be lost (likely forever, not many will put effort in returning to your product once they found a different working solution).

And for most of these customers, you will not get the subscription sales, but also not the small upgrade price, that many paid in the past, because the next version is useless without the subscription features for many. So, even less sales. Count me in here… I will definitely stick to GS7 as long as I can.

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What happens to all the listings created in GS8? If I did subscribe to GS8 and cancel will the data go back to run on GS 7? or does the file get corrupted from the update and loose the work done while running GS8?

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