Garage sale listings look different when uploaded to ebay. Spacing issue?

Why do my listings look great on garage sale but when they are uploaded to ebay they look like crap. They are horribly spaced (2x? 3x?) in ebay an don’t look the same. Is there a way to have what i create in garage sale look identical to whats posted in ebay?

the image on the bottom is the editor mode from garage sale, the image form the top is the listing from ebay and i included a link to the auctin so you can see. there are very large spaces between the lines in ebay not present when working in garage sale.

I see on another post you posted about adding code to the footer in preferences? Would this help?

Do I replace the code or simply add this to it?

Yes but this code will work better for you:

<style>#gs-descSpecialDiv * {padding-top: 2px !important}</style>

Just insert this code in the footer field in the GarageSale preferences > General (restart GarageSale afterwards) OR insert the code in the description field in Editor mode in all your affected listings.

Regards, Kristian

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