Garage Sale Picture Service wrong resonse null HELP

I cant list anything Using 7.0.18 (854) I tried reinstalling
Beta No go Also I can revise but it will not upload images I updated catagories and refreshed ebay token

Hi djbalt19662018,

could you describe why you can’t list anything? Do you get an error message? What happens?

Regards, Kristian

Having the same issue.

Error states: GARAGESALEPICTURESERVICE: Could Not Upload Picture (403)

Another error sometimes says Null for the error.

UPDATE: Seems it was related to a VPN thing I installed. Once I uninstalled it, seems to be working now.

There was a maintenance update 6 days ago that causes errors during upload for some users for a short period of time.
Now the GarageSale picture service is running fine again without issues.

Regards, Kristian

I was getting the Garage Sale Picture Server Error It is all good now after 2 days