Garage Sale Relisting items with 0 q-ty, and items without SKU. 7.0.5 B

Hi, It’s a follow up to this thread:

The problem persists. Guys, I have had major repercussions because of this issue and it’s affecting my business.
Please I need to get it fixed.

I am also having problems with items relisting automatically that have sold and are not available. I never use auto restart as most of my items are a quantity of 1 and they are still randomly relisting. I have had to keep checking my listings and end auctions of previously sold items. This is serious as I have resold items no longer available and this effects ebay ratings. If the problem was consistent it might be easier to troubleshoot but it is not. Very unpleasant problem! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

@skumbrievich @maxbren something like that??? GarageSale 7.0.5 Released


Are you talking about 7.0.5 or 7.0.6 beta 1? Or which beta of 7.0.5?

As @fedege96 pointed out, there is an issue that resulted from using GarageSale 7.0.5 Beta 2 before updating to a newer version (7.0.5 Beta 3, 7.0.5 final, or 7.0.6 Beta 1).

What version have are you using right now? What version have you been using immediately before?

Yes, it was quite a disaster. First q-ty in the inventory went off. I had to scrutinize the q-ty and change it to actual in the inventory. Then it started randomly resisting some items with 0 q-ty and it goes to negative (no ignore inventory checked), and items without SKU that I don’t even have in the inventory because I had one of each.

Currently on 7.0.5 Beta 3. I used 7.0.4 before but not sure.

Moving from 7.0.4 to 7.0.5 beta 3? You had exactly my problem, I spent about one day and a half of the day after to check one by one all listings, it was a bit frustrating… here the explanation:

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