Garage Sale Sync with Ebay Website Edits?

I’m not always at home working with this Mac, most of the time I’m out somewhere on my Win7 tablet or android cell phone monitoring my auctions. I noticed someone also asked about using Ebays Selling Manager Pro as you can bulk edit all auctions like a spreadsheet. An example, I’d like to be sitting at a pub and lower my buy it now price on an item after a week of no sales and come home and have Garagesale reflect that change?

Or use turbo lister to lower my starting price by 1 dollar and raise shipping 1 dollar to relist items without having to go into each template on the mac, if I can just go down a spread sheet changing #'s in seconds and submit, how do I get that to reflect in Garagesale, I’d rather not use 2 or 3 programs and all not be in sync, especially after revising a live auction in Garagesale and luckily noticing I how had 2 of the same items listed live. I can import everything into turbo lister, but import to template I loose item specifics and it put’s policies on shipping, returns and payment I have to change instead of importing correctly.

Sorry, a feature which imports all (or some) changes from eBay back into an existing listing in GarageSale does not exist at the moment. Right now GarageSale can only create completely new local listings from listings available on eBay.

But having such a feature would be pretty cool, so I added it to our to do list.

Found another issue, as some kind of sync doesn’t take place, and all auctions are created new as templates, and not individual templates that become archived auctions where all live or dead auctions should actually be available for revising, relisting, not templates. When an auction ends with no sale , templates have no logic built in, which I found out wondering how I have multiple duplicates in my relistable items on the site for 1 item, templates can be started again as a new auction, buy it now 30 auctions can be started while running. Ebay of course starts the auction as a new auction of the same item, but looking at the website it shows that item under did not sell, which I found out the hard way relisted throught the site and had 2 of the same auctions running.

I’m starting to think is isn’t a program from listing and managing several hundred items at the same time, creating directories and moving auctions to categories and moving others to relist directories for items I wan’t to wait a couple weeks to relist, That’s another issue, if I submit an auction, host all but the gallary photo on GS server, it doesn’t sell but has 5 watchers, I don’t want to relist it and drop the price, which is what they want, I want to wait a couple weeks and relist it and force them to pay what I want if they want it. The GS hosted pictures don’t stay there for ever? If I relist a month old template does the app maintain the photos somewhere? or do I need to take photos and move them to a directory before dragging them to GS and leave them there, that’s going to be a pain if I do 30 day buy it now auctions, but list 50 items a day, trying to figure out which photos I can delete out of 50x5x30, that’s 50 items a day, 5 photos, running 30 days. I’d like to be able to drag them into GS and delete them, sorry so many little things, I’m thinking just using relying on ebays site to do everything like I’ve been doing since 2002 is a hell of a lot easier.

Sorry another complaint I noticed this morning, I assume after buying the software all the advertising for your app would be removed, every once and a while the submit to twitter fails, I checked twitter this morning and everything being posted to twitter is showing as coming from…rather than a direct link to the item it is being redirected from your site to the item…I’m going to be a little pissed if I find out if you have an EPN account and making extra money from everyone clicking on an item from my twitter. Before you answer, can I get a refund?

Seems like GarageSale isn’t the tool you are looking for. I refunded your purchase. You should see that reflected in your credit card accounts in the next few days.

Thanks, I’ve already spent 2 hours importing everything into vendio, if I
drag the icon from applications to the trash will it uninstall everything
from garage sale?