Garage Sale will not quit. At all

I have a brand new IMac 13.5.1 and the latest version of Garage Sale 9.4.1. Since the newest upgrade I cannot quit Garage Sale. No matter what I do.
Force quit? No.
Restart computer? Garage Sale opens up again.
Nothing works. I am at a loss.

I have never heard of such a strange issue and I can’t believe that an app can’t be forced-quit but I might be wrong.

Some thoughts:
• If you try to quit GarageSale is there maybe some other prompt from GarageSale or from the Keychain behind GarageSale’s main window that is waiting for input?
• Do you hear a “beep” sound when you try to quit GarageSale?
• Could it be that you defined GarageSale as a “login item” which start up automatically on login? You can check this in the System Preferences.

Well, I finally got it to force quit, but that is the only way to quit now. Nothing else works.

I just went to list and it wanted my license code. I have a subscription and the only code I could find was from GS7. So now I can’t list either.

Part of the entire problem might stem from my iMac. It was new in April but has been a lemon since I bought it. They just replaced the entire logic board and I loaded everything from a back-up.

Not sure why it will not quit. Nothing happens at all!

If you have an active GarageSale Pro subscription no license code is required. Instead you just sign-in with your Pro account.

To activate your Pro subscription on your Mac, simply sign-in with your Pro account there. This can be done e.g. in the GarageSale preferences > Pro. The system will recognize your active subscription automatically after signing-in.

It’s weird that it won’t quit.
How do you actually try to quit? Through the menu?
Quitting other apps works fine?

OK, I did sign in and it is working.

I have tried to just “file … quit”
I have tried clicking on the icon and “quit”.

Every other program is quitting just fine.

I am stumped.

Thanks for your help!

Is the “Quit” command greyed-out there maybe?

I don’t have much hope but it’s worth a try to put your current GarageSale application to the trash and then download a fresh copy:

It is not greyed out.

I was hoping if I restarted the computer it would work but no.

Maybe I will just force quit for now, I really need to do some listing as I was without a computer for a month. As long as you think that won’t harm anything?

You are sure that there is no kind of prompt if you try to quit?

Absolutely nothing happens, no prompt, no noise, no quitting.

Now it is quitting fine, and it happened with Photos instead. I think it is my brand new computer that is the problem.

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