Garage Sale Won't Open

I haven’t been able to get garagesale to open for the last couple of days, but tonight is the first time I’ve had to address the issue. I’m on Mac OSX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, running GS 6.6.6. When I try to open GS the icon hops around on the dock, but I just get a brief flash of the ‘loading data’ box before it all stops. I’ve tried restoring several time machine backups to no avail. I’ve deleted the app and its content packets and emptied the trash, restarted, then re-installed all for the same results.

Any Ideas? I have A LOT of listings on there…

They will probably want to know if you originally purchased garagesale from the Apple store or from the iwascoding website. And where you obtained the new version. You read about the expiration of the certificate, right?

My observation is you are using an older version of OSX. I can understand some reasons you wouldn’t want to upgrade, such as losing iPhoto and being forced into the new Photos application. I just lost iPhoto yesterday and I’m hopping mad at Apple about it.

However I wonder if your current operating system and your new version of GS work together properly.

They will help you soon I hope.

Do you see anything logged to the Console utility when starting GarageSale?

Thank you for the quick replies. I didn’t realize I’d bought through the app store until after reading the reply from GS Support. Of course, I asked this question then promptly went out of town. I think I’ll bite the bullet and buy a license through the site, as i need to get up and running again.

Did you look at the console utility as Ilja suggested?

Why do you need to buy anything new? Maybe an upgrade would do. Right now the Apple store is distributing 6.9.7

I just bought a license from the website. I needed to get running as soon as possible. If you want to refund me, I’d be fine with that. If not, that’s okay too.

David McCardle

I’m just another GS user. Glad you got it running again.