GarageBuy 3.3 Beta 1 Released


Dear GarageBuy Users,

The first beta version of GarageBuy 3.3 is available for you to download from the URL below:

What’s new in GarageBuy 3.3b1

  • fixes UI glitches in macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • syncing through iCloud also supported in the non-AppStore version
  • no longer updating all searches when a new search is created

System Requirements

  • GarageBuy 3.3b1 requires OS X 10.11 or later

Thanks for using GarageBuy,
Paul on behalf of the iwascoding team


Great news! Is there any specific order that you are updating GarageBuy? So I know what bugs/UI experience I can focus on and report?
Thanks iwascoding Team,



currently we just updated the underlaying SDK so it properly runs on current macOS versions. We fixed some retina related bugs and added a required header above the details for eBay.



Hi there,

Seems a little buggy. I replaced an older version - which I didn’t use - with beta.

Spinning wheel symbol against several searches which never seems to finish.

Check for updates tells me there is an update available, but trying to install update crashes the app. (report below)

Imported ebay searches.
GaragePay imports searches but sets them to search in All Categories whereas on ebay they were set to search in books only for the vast majority.



garagepay.txt (94.8 KB)



please download and install the latest Beta 3 from this link:



I’m a little confused.

This new release is 3.3 yet 4.0.2 is available on the App store. Are there two different versions of GarageBuy?


The version for iOS is GarageBuy 4.0.2.
The version for Mac is 3.2 (3.3 is in the works).

Hope this helps,